Thank you very much for purchasing our DIY Pizza Kit!

We’ve put together this little demo to help make your pizza making experience the best it can be.

Before getting started, consider leaving  the dough at room temperature for an hour or 2.  Cold dough is a little tougher to work with.

Step 1: Pre-heat oven

Pizzas typically cook at high temperature, anywhere from 650 – 900 degrees F.

However, household ovens don’t reach that high, in our case 525F was the highest.

Set your Oven to its highest temperature.

Step 2: Tool Checklist

You will Need:

  1. Rolling Pin
  2. All Purpose Flour
  3. Baking Tray (Our dough is meant for a 12″ pan, but you can use a larger or smaller one. It doesn’t even have to be round.)

Step 3: Stretch the Dough

Wash your hands and clear off a decent size working area in your kitchen, put lots of flour underneath and ontop of the dough.

Start pushing down on the dough while pushing outwards on the dough so it starts getting bigger. If you feel the dough sticking to the counter, add more flour.  Don’t be shy on using flour.

Use the rolling pin to help push out the dough.  Make sure that the thickness of the dough is the same throughout.

Don’t be shy about handling the dough with your hands.  Once the dough is large enough for your pan, You can toss the dough between your hands which will shake off the excess flour.

Step 4: Tray and Sauce

Carefully place the dough on to your tray. If the dough shrinks, which sometimes happens, wait until you have the sauce and cheese added, and you can pull the edges of the dough to the edge of the pan. The heaviness of the sauce and cheese will keep the dough in place.

Add the Marinara sauce to the middle of the dough and using a soup spoon, carefully spread the sauce towards the outer edges of the dough leaving a 1/4 inch or so for the crust.


Step 5: Cheese and Toppings

Begin adding the mozzarella cheese, sprinkling over all the marinara sauce.  Try to avoid getting cheese to close to the edge of the pan, as it cooks it may stick to the edge making it difficult to remove from the pan.

Now, add your toppings, and a big thumbs up from our assistant, Sydney.  It’s ready for the oven!

Step 6: Ready for the Oven

Make sure your oven has reached its highest temperature. Carefully place the pizza on the middle rack.

In our test oven, the pizza took 13 minutes, so adjust as necessary.  We also recommend turning the pizza 180 degrees halfway through cooking.

Step 7: Pizza is Done!

The Pizza is done once you see a nice dark, golden crust. With a pair of tongs or similar utensil, try lifting up the edge of the pizza to ensure the bottom of the crust is the same dark golden crust.  If the bottom crust is too light, the pizza maybe too floppy and doughy.

Cut the pizza in 8 slices or as many as you like with a pizza cutter or knife. Bon Appetit!

Checking the bottom for a nice dark golden crust.

Thanks to our helper, Sydney!

Sydney thinks it’s delish!